Message from the President

“I worked for a development company for several years and I saw a large gap in the construction industry that needed to be filled. Contractors would just send out workers to my job sites with very little to no supervision at all. In turn I would have to teach and manage their workers continually so that I could fully and successfully accomplish all the responsibilities that my job entailed. Whether you are a large production builder or an individual homeowner, when you hire a contractor, you are hiring a business that specializes in their line of work. This should include a management system that checks their own work, understands budgets, and can clearly communicate. To me this was 101 for owning this type of business and to my surprise, there where very few companies out there providing this type of service.”

“This is why I started Dueall Construction. I wanted to provide customers with a contractor who truly knows and understands their business, provides a high level of management throughout the job and can clearly communicate. It sounds so simple but very few contractors function like this.” Sal Ventimiglia