About Dueall Construction

Dueall Construction is a team of highly motivated professionals with an immense amount of experience in the construction industry.

About Dueall Construction

“I had worked for a development company for several years and I saw a large gap in the construction industry that needed to be filled. Contractors would send out workers to my job sites with very little to no supervision. Whether you are a large production builder or an individual homeowner, when you hire a contractor, you are hiring a business that specializes in their line of work. This should include a management system that checks their work, understands budgets, and can clearly communicate.

“This is why I started Dueall Construction. I wanted to provide customers with a contractor who truly knows and understands their business, provides a high level of management throughout the job and can clearly communicate. It sounds so simple, but very few contractors function like this.” Sal Ventimiglia

Dueall Construction company has achieved a 400% per year growth since its inception due to its professionalism and efficiency while always focusing on building and maintaining quality relationships.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Strive to be the best at what we do
  • Continually educate ourselves
  • Have a clear line of communication and always be honest
  • Create and maintain a healthy working environment

About Dueall Construction

Dueall Constructions' staff is made up of dedicated individuals who share the desire to grow professionally and personally. We promote creativity and innovation.

In the construction industry, with the multitude of products, specifications, and constantly changing codes. We invest in the education of our team to learn and adapt to these changes.

Construction is an art form. In order to excel, there must be an orchestration of communication amongst Customers, Engineers, Architects, Manufactures, Subcontractors and the numerous others involved in the process. The success of a project is based on doing everything in accordance with the construction documents, on time, and within budget. Communication is critical for success.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our employees, subcontractors and customers. All businesses are based on relationships. People are engaged in their work when they are content and feel appreciated. Being professional and treating people with respect is a core value.