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For many years stucco has been installed incorrectly throughout Florida. Incorrect application of stucco poses the greatest risk for damage to the structure when stucco is installed over wood frame construction.

To successfully complete a Stucco Restoration job a high level of expertise is absolutely necessary for the following:

Repair Stucco Cracks
  • Planning and Preparation – The majority of projects experiencing stucco failure due to incorrect installations are in preexisting communities. As the building Contractor we have to evaluate the community as a whole to not only determine the staging of equipment and material but also to determine the most efficient way to approach the project that will have the least amount of impact on the day to day activities of the community. It is not just a construction site; it is someone's home and neighborhood.
  • Demolition – Removing poorly installed stucco and damaged framing members are part of a stucco restoration project. The removal process is carefully monitored. If not done properly this can be dangerous not only for the workers but the residents and their personal property as well. Dueall takes the extra steps to protect the area around the construction zone. These extra steps are what separate Dueall from everyone else.
  • Framing – Stucco fails for a variety of reasons. Sometimes stucco fails due to improper framing. On every restoration job Dueall evaluates the existing structure and consults with an engineer about any structural repairs needed. Proper framing is critical for the installation of stucco.
  • House wrap systems – The house wrap system is the last line of defense if water penetrates through the stucco. The house wrap system also known as the Water Resistant Barrier is present to make sure the wood beneath does not come into contact with water. If installed properly the system is designed to keep the water away from the wood framing members and allows it to weep out of the stucco system through the proper stucco accessories.
  • Roofing – Some scenarios we have seen roofing components contribute to water intrusion. Improperly installed flashing is one of the main culprits. We will investigate these areas to determine if they were designed and installed correctly. We have licensed roofing contractors, who under our purview make all needed repairs.
  • Stucco system application – Proper thicknesses, fasteners, lapping of expanded wire, vinyl or metal accessories, hydration, sequencing, curing time between coats, are all just a small sample of the numerous steps critical to the function and longevity of the system. The level of detail necessary to apply stucco requires experienced installation professionals and a management staff that oversees every phase of this multi-step process. Dueall has the proper training through continuing education classes providing the expertise needed to install stucco.
  • Waterproofing systems – The House/Wrap/StuccoWrap acts as the WRB (Water Resistant Barrier). This has to be completed in the proper sequence, shingled and overlapped to the manufactures design and specifications to function as it is was designed. SAF (Self Adhering Flashing) installed in conjunction with the WRB, properly shingled and installed, provides the drainage plane needed to shed water away from the framing and sheathing. Although this is installed first under the stucco it is the most important part of the water proofing system.
  • Paint/Sealants – Paint and sealants are the first line of defense from water intrusion. The importance of using the right material for each specific situation is immeasurable. Before paint is applied it is necessary to test the PH level of the stucco. The paint thickness per the manufacturers recommended thickness is checked frequently with a gauge as well as the dry thickness after the manufacturers recommended drying time. Dueall, our subcontractors, our suppliers, and the manufacturer’s reps are experts in sealants, coatings, and their installation. Making sure we use the proper products and install them to the manufacturers' specifications is our mission. We also regularly have our Sealants tested by the Manufacturers rep to insure compliance with specifications.

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Stucco Restoration Repair

The guidelines for the installation of stucco are governed by the Florida Building Code, ASTM standards and Manufacturers Recommendations. Stucco installation, in most areas, has been unregulated by code enforcement officials, contractors, and builders. The main reason for this is that contractors and builders are simply unaware and uneducated.

Dueall Construction is the leading contractor in the stucco restoration business in Florida. We have been the lead on very high profile large scale restoration jobs and have teamed up with professionals that are leading the charge on understanding why stucco fails and how to ensure that the system is installed 100% correctly.

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Stucco Repair Florida Company

Overall a stucco restoration job needs a contractor that has expertise in all of these disciplines and more. As previously mentioned we are constantly training and learning the latest means and methods to ultimately deliver a top notch quality product, Stucco Restoration Certification. We understand the importance of bringing the manufactures representatives to the site regularly to ensure we are delivering on how their design was intended. By conducting business in this way your project will be able to be properly warranted by the manufacturers and Dueall Construction.

The desire to deliver high quality construction to our customers is more than a goal, it is what makes everyone on our team, Dueall Construction.

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