Repainting and Sealing

Paint is one part of the system used to properly seal a building. The system is to be applied in the proper sequence while following the manufactures recommendations. Listed below is a common sequence we use:

Repainting and Sealing
  • Proper preparation of surfaces: Surfaces must be clean and free of any loose debris before applying the paint.
  • Sealants: Sealants are installed at all windows, doors, penetrations and locations that have a high failure rate. A high grade sealant should be used in these locations to prevent water intrusion. Sealant selection is based on the application for which it’s intended.
  • Primers/Conditioners: Depending on the specifications, different construction substrates may require a prime coat or a conditioner before the topcoat is applied. This will ensure the proper bonding of the paint to the substrate. When applying this coating millage shall be tested with gauges to insure the proper thicknesses are being applied wet and then tests to insure dry millage is performed after the manufacturers recommended cure time.
  • Topcoat: Paint manufacturers have created different lines of exterior topcoats for a variety of situations in the state of Florida. The manufacturer will guarantee the performance of its paint as long as installed per their specifications.

Paint and Sealing Company

• One of the biggest misconceptions about paint is that paint is just for looks. While the curb appeal is nice to have, paint and sealant is your number one protection from the elements. Without that front line defense, any building can allow water to penetrate the envelope and expose the material beneath to its harmful effects. The proper installation of paint and sealant is one of the largest differences between ourselves and other companies out there. Common failures we encounter that lead to premature failure of the paint system are that painters do not allow the proper cure times in between products and they do not put enough product on the surfaces.

preventative maintenance, repainting and sealing existing

• Our painters are experienced with all preventative maintenance, repainting and sealing existing and new residential and commercial buildings.

• Dueall Construction has completed many repaint projects in new and existing communities.

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